Hemp & Cannabis Formula

CarbonGro is a unique nano carbon biobased formula derived created in the USA. Used as both a foliar and root application, CarbonGro has been proven to enhance growth rates, bud yield, nutrient uptake, BRIX levels, and terpenes in cannabis. 

CarbonGro builds “colloidal micelles” when mixed with water. These micelles repel each other ionically; however, they attract nutrients and other additives in the solution for foliar or root application. The result is that CarbonGro pumps an increased amount of foliar nutrients enhancing plant metabolism. Clients who use CarbonGro see increased yields with a higher quality product and faster maturity while saving on reducing certain inputs.

hemp and cannabis formula

CarbonGro is made up of several organic and natural compounds that are combined with our proprietary blending technology. The CarbonGro manufacturing process breaks these compounds down and the end result is an 84% active carbon liquid. Within the plant, nano-carbon fragments convert into carbohydrates. This causes the plants to have an increased uptake of nutrients with faster cell division, healthier plant cells, bigger and stronger root system, larger leaves, and enhanced overall plant growth.

CarbonGro can enter the plant cell structure due to its “nanometer” molecular size (0.6nm). Although CarbonGro doesn’t possess the quantity of nutrients normally expected of traditional foliar fertilizers, the nutrients it has are extremely efficient and effective, and are able to enter the plant cells, providing energy and nourishment to the plant, which in turn increases the level of sugar production as it photosynthesizes.

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Since CarbonGro is derived entirely from botanically based sugars, fats, oils, and alcohols, it’s safe to apply to hemp and cannabis plants.