With over 20 years of experience using CarbonGrow on all kinds of fruits and vegetables in all regions and climates, we are confident that our nano carbon bio-stimulant formula will be the SUPERCHARGE your plants need.

You can use CarbonGrow alone or add it to your fruit and vegetable spray program

CarbonGrow may benefit fruits and vegetables when sprayed alone because it eases the flow of natural sugars and nutrients through
the plant’s phloem circulation.

The main advantage of CarbonGrow is intensifying absorption and translocation of foliar-applied nutrients. The delivery and metabolism of trace elements and NPK is usually almost doubled with CarbonGrow in the spray solution, versus water alone.  

(See the below graph for proof)

fruit and vegetable
fruit and vegetable formula

CarbonGrow Delivers
Many tissues and sap tests over the years show CarbonGrow more effective than ordinary surfactants at delivering nutrients or crop protection products into plant circulation systems. The test results above compare CarbonGrow with two well established ag surfactants. The biggest gain over the other surfactants came with elements having the highest concentration in the nutrient blend. Samples taken 48 hours after application.

Trace element content of crop leaves 48 hours after foliar spraying with the same trace mix, but carried by three different surfactants

Unlike traditional surfactants that stop at the leaf, CarbonGrow is systemic and is used by the plant in the form of nano carbon to carbohydrate conversion technology.

“It’s far more than a “surfactant.”
It’s a nutrient delivery system.”

Enhance Brix Levels

With help from CarbonGrow, it’s possible to harvest:

Since CarbonGrow is derived entirely from botanically based sugars, fats,
oils and alcohols, it’s safe to apply on all edible fruit and vegetables.